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(Archived) How to stop sync and delete synced data

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I have auto-sync turned off as I don't want to sync from PC to other devices or cloud. Happy to use on PC only, keep data on PC.

My questions:


* Under Tools > Account Info it says I have used 22MB of my monthly upload allowance - I'm guessing this relates to actual uploads, not local storage, right? (I may have manually synced recently by mistake.)


* How can I get off the Evernote servers what I have already accidentally synced? I don't want anything in the cloud, I want it on my PC only. (I realise this makes me different to most people at the moment, but hey.)

* To prevent syncing or uploading my notes to the cloud in the future, is it enough to turn off auto-sync?


Thanks in advance. : )

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Hi and welcome to the forums. One of Evernote's central functions is to share most of the material you collect with the cloud - it provides a free, online, unlimited (well, pretty much) backup; OCR of documents and pictures, and a comprehensive index of the material you clip. Plus that information is available to you wherever and on whatever platform you log in to your account. It is possible to keep information off the internet by setting up a local notebook - which by definition is NOT synced anywhere - but you're then in charge of backing up that data and providing OCRs to help searching. If you're using a default notebook I would imagine it's pretty easy to inadvertently share that data with the web, so I'd suggest that you

  • set up one or more local notebooks in your desktop account
  • drag your current notes across to that / those notebook(s)
  • sync
  • go online to Evernote.com and log in to your account
  • check what notes/ notebooks are shown there
  • if there's still information there that you want deleted forever,  submit a support ticket (see below)
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A belated thanks, gazumped! Your suggestion worked for me. But although the notes are no longer syncing and showing on Evernote.com, the tags are! Go figure. Can't keep your data to yourself these days. Love how Evernote organizes notes, but I have no need for the cloud...


Thanks again.

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