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(Archived) Unsynced note lost after password reset


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I was logged out of my evernote account on my phone and in order to login (the app wasn't accepting my password), I ended up resetting it. To my horror, my unsynced notes were wiped! I wrote to support and they confirmed my worst fear that I've lost it. It is quite frustrating but I've not given up hope. Yet.


I harbor hopes of getting into my internal SD card of my phone by mounting it as a USB device and using a recovery software to see if there are traces of my unsynced note. After all, it was there at some point of time on the internal storage and should be recoverable by a standard recovery program. 


Can anyone confirm if this can be done? If so, which software could I use in  the Android ecosystem? Else, what could I use to mount an ICS phone with a drive letter so that most recovery softwares will detect and recover data from it?





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Hi - welcome to the forums.


Sorry but there's no software (that I'm aware of) that will take an SD card and build a virtual phone around it.  You card read the card in any card reader and may be able to find some useable text,  but you'd need to review the contents in a generic source editor like Notepad++.  Any pictures embedded in the note will just be code.

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