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(Archived) Installed Evernote, program wont even launch

Jacob A

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I installed Evernote today, was very enthusiastic to start using the program and getting off of MS One Note.


Unfortunately after it was installed I just get a message that it cant connect and register, cant do its initial sync with the server.


I know that my work's proxy is pretty restrictive, but from a little research I read that Evernote uses http and https to connect (port 80 and 443) and I know those ports arent blocked.



There is a less restrictive proxy here that I could use, but I am just guessing that Evernote uses the IE Connection settings by default (Which unfortunately is locked down via Group Policy and pointing to the main proxy).


First, does anyone know if there is something that I did wrong which is causing this not to connect?  

Second, if its a proxy issue, is there a reg hack or something similar that I can manually tell it a different proxy IP to use?







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Hi - welcome to the forums.  It's probable that Evernote is blocked by your work proxy.  (Can you get to other cloud storage like Google Drive and DropBox?)


If so there's no work-arounds I'm afraid.  You could install Evernote on a home computer - that would reassure you that you didn't make any mistakes with this installation - and once you have an account online,  there's always browser access...

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