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(Archived) Where can I find a "user's manual" for Penultimate?


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I'm afraid I'm a little at sea when it comes to intuitively knowing how a lot of apps work. I need instructions and it blows my mind not a single app has at least an instruction sheet. I'm sick of trying to find this info online; it should just be attached to the app. I'm really hoping to use Penultimate for my work which involves taking several photographs and writing notes on each one, but I can't figure out how to take the picture in the size I need before I make notes on it and hurry on to the next shot. It's kind of a pain in the butt to have to shoot and then enlarge the shot each time. Is there a way to set the size so it's the same each time? Also, where are all these things that are supposed to be in the tool bar that set your hand position so you don't mess up what you're writing if your wrist or part of your hand inadvertently touches the screen. I haven't figured out Evernote yet and went right to Penultimate because it seemed simpler for what I need to do. But, I'm sort of clueless and need a user's manual. Please help :-) 

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Can I assume you have logged in to your Evernote account in Penultimate? If so, first thing you need to do is click on the little Shield icon at the top left. This hides your settings. Top of the list in there is Wrist Protection - switch this on, and then click on Wrist Position below. If you are right-handed (like me) I recommend Tools On Top to be switched on, I don't know if that's helpful for lefties. What I would then do is lock the iPad orientation upside down (with the home button at the top of the device). This will prevent you from accidentally palming it while writing. Lastly, in the general set up, you should turn off the iPad's "multitasking gestures". This is a shame, as I think the multitasking gestures are great, but they ***** with Penultimate. You can find this is the iPad's Settings app, under General, and almost all the way to the bottom.


Now you need to create your first note, In Penultimate, press the + at the bottom right. If you are using a decent stylus (I have the Adonit Jot Pro, I highly recommend) it should come fairly naturally. I had problems with palm marks for a while, but that's getting better as I get used to it. basically, keep your palm on the screen most of the time, and you'll be ok. Lift it up and put it down all the time, and Penultimate won't know which is the stylus and which is the palm.


To go to the next page, press in the white area between the scissors and the page number, to go back a page, press in the white area between the pen and the little arrows (these are undo and redo by the way).


To change to a thinner or thicker pen, or to change the pen colour, press the pen - thickness slider is at the bottom, colours are obvious. You can erase makes using the eraser, and you can use the scissors to draw round some text and either move it by dragging, or, if you just press somewhere in the shape you've drawn, [Cut|Copy] comes up, and you can move the text to another page or notebook using cut, and then pressing on the page you want it to go to, and clicking on the [paste] that comes up, or copy it anywhere in a similar way.


Once you have finished your notebook, press the House at the top left, and you return to the home page.


There's quite a bit more, but this should be enough to get you going.


Edit - I'll pop back in a few days, if you need to anything more, or something isn't clear, do ask!

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