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(Archived) Notebook settings - Go only online with notes > e.g. 3 days

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As size is growing with my premium subscription, I want to have a possiblity to add notes to a only web based notebook.


e.g. Notebook x with settings "only sync up to 1 to 10d ago". of course, when searching you have to do this with online version if you want to reach these notes or with advanced search in desktop



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Hi - welcome to the forums.  There's no such thing as yet - you have to have at least one local copy of your whole database.  Which in my view is a good thing - you can keep your own backups rather than relying on a web-based entity in another country for your data security.  Not saying I have any doubts in Evernote,  but I just like to have my stuff in my own possession.  With other devices you can achieve something like what you want - mobile devices don't download the whole database,  just the headers,  so you can see all your notes,  and just select the one(s) you want from a normal search.

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