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New Skitch for Mac Beta is available!-UPDATE

Joe Lopez


Skitch for Mac has a new beta version for testing. Version 2.6 brings the following new features to the Mac:


  • Expandable canvas - You can now extend your canvas by simply starting an annotation outside the visible canvas or by dragging an annotation off the canvas.
  • Updated Canvas Resize tools - The crop/resize tools have been changed to allow you to expand the canvas in addition to cropping inward. The tool name and tooltips have been changed to reflect these new abilities.
  • 1 Click Capture - There's a preference setting and an option on the advanced Screen Snap widget that lets you disable the widget and take 1 click Screen Snaps.
  • Access PDFs - We've added some simple options to the capture button and the file menu to let you open up PDFs.
  • Bringing arrows back - We've brought the curve back to the arrows. The arrows are now more "Skitch"
  • 45 degrees - You can now SHIFT-Click-Rotate to now move arrows and lines in 45 degree increments
  • Honey, I shrunk the shapes - We've reduced the size of min-shapes significantly, so you can make some pretty small shapes now.
  • LOTS of bug fixes - Too many to count, but a lot of fixes have gone into the app.

Please note this is a beta, so some features might have some rough edges, or cause some odd behaviors. We also are still wrapping up 2.6 so some features might change, get added, or removed based on feedback and ongoing development.


How to get 2.6 (direct download only) (Sorry Mac App Store version does not let us push beta updates):

  • Start up Skitch
  • Go to Preferences ->Updates
  • Check the Beta box and restart.


If everything works you should get a notice that a beta is available and lets you update to 2.6. This should work for all users, if it doesn't let us know. 


We've added a lot of improvements to this release and have more planned for this summer. If something is missing that you've been looking for please let us know. The more people we know who need a specific feature the higher we can prioritize it. 


Please post any feedback to this thread. Thanks!

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joebg - Sorry I should have said this before (and just updated the original post), you can only download the beta if you are using the direct download version of Skitch Mac. The Mac App Store version does not let us push betas the same way. 


You can get the direct download version by going to: http://evernote.com/skitch


You can run the Mac App Store and the Direct Download version on the same Mac, just make sure to name the Direct Download version something other than Skitch (ex: Skitch Direct Download) and have it run the auto-update. 

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