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(Archived) Filter tags to current Notebook

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I am just starting out in Evernote. I have imported my google notebooks and now I see hundreds of notes, and hundreds of tags distributed accross my many notebooks.

Having that many tags is great for search, but useless for browsing. I would like to see a link in the tag window which says "Filter tags to current notebook". This would filter the list of tags to show only the tags that are assigned to notes in the currently selected notebook. Even better, would be if that happened by default when you clicked on a notebook. This would be really useful for the iphone app too.

An alternative idea would be to have something like the google notebook "Headers". So when you click on a notebook, you see the list of notes, but you can add seperators with titles and drag the notes into each separator to reorder/group them. That way, you wont even need to use tags. You can just go into a notebook and scroll through it until you hit the group of notes you want to edit.

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