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(Archived) Saving as PDF to view on tablet

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My question is: how to view the PDFs I upload from my PC as a note  and not as an attachment in the note on my tablet?

They appear as the full PDF on my PC but not on the app version of Evernote on my tablet! I only see the attachment and have to open it.

What am I doing wrong?

I am relatively new to the world of Evernote as I only currently use it as a repository for lists but I want to use it to view PDF docs uploaded from my PC. I am a Premium user and have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 using Android 4.1.2.

Hope someone can enlighten me...  :(



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On a Galaxy Note running Android, that is how you will see the attachments. You can get a tiny peak if you view your notes not in list view but in the snippets view. Although this will be less helpful to you than me IF you have all your recipes in one note rather than one attachment per note. 


So my biggest advice would be to separate PDF files into one per note unless they are really extremely related to each other and you will always want to find both together. 


I have over 2000 recipes and this works well for me. I do admit that if I am deciding on recipes to use, I will usually use the full computer to run searches and look at recipes not so much because of PDF viewing but because advanced searches are easier to run. 

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