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(Archived) how to add more tags in tag window?


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Hi, I was wondering how to add more than one tag after clicking on the "click to add tag" button below the down arrow menu?


I can add one tag, but when i hit enter, it closes the box, when what i want to do is add a few more tags (i use a lot of tags).




if i try to use a comma, it adds a new tag with a comma at the end. what is the delimiter for adding tags to the box above? Thanks!!!

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There is just one tag per box


I use a lot of tags also.


In Windows, I press

- F3 to open up the tag box,

- type in the tag name and press enter

- and a new box opens up automatically for the next tag.


The same thing happens if I click on the "click to add tag" button. After adding the tag and pressing enter, a new empty tag entry box appears to the right of the first tag with the cursor already positioned inside.

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hmm, that doesn't work for me. f3 does nothing, but ctrl+alt+t brings up a tag box, but when i hit enter it doesn't do anything. im on windows by the way, i know there's a few slight differences like this when it comes to windows vs mac...

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I'm on Windows also.


Are you sure F3 does nothing?

Try it again and look for a tag window to open in the Note Panel.

The tag window is not a pop-up. It just opens a small box to allow you to enter a tag.


Here is what my screen looks like before and after pressing F3


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hmm... okay, i dunno why... oh wait, i just updated evernote today, which might explain why it wasn't working before but is working now. so thanks for that tip!


my only complaint really is that once the tag bar is full, even pressing f3 brings up the popup window. i wish i could just keep entering tags (with the enter key) and have the tag bar keep expanding, eliminating the need for the mouse for each tag (after the bar is full).


this will work for the time being though. thank you!

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I'm still on the older version of Evernote.

Version (268644) Public


I won't be updating for at least a couple more weeks.


Also, I have no need for the Left Panel, so I keep it concealed (F10).

This gives me a lot more real estate for multiple tags.

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