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(Archived) Share note via email from one evernote to another evernote account

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Hi there,


Ive shared notes via email with my girl friends evernote email address...but today Ive realized that it didnt work any longer?

Ive send/shared several notes to her evernote email but none arrives :(

The same the other way around :((


What happend that this features isnt working any longer?





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Evernote may have changed the way they send notes by email,  or the way they receive email content. Either way they may not regard this as a fault or a bug as such.. only suggestion is: raise it in a support ticket and see what they say.


Meantime you do realise you could just send the URL of your note to the GF so she can open it from her end,  and clip the page content for her notebooks if she wishes?

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OK, I will open a support ticket.

That last changes of evernote are disappointing. Mails from evernote to evernote arent working and the list view within the mac client is ***** :@

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