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(Archived) Unable to remove unwanted notes from shared notebook

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I am a Premium user, currently I'm on a Windows 8 64-bit laptop using Evernote client version


A colleague and I have set up a shared notebook and the normal expected behavior is working fine - with one exception: I accidentally captured a couple of web pages to Evernote (using Windows key - A) while the shared notebook was highlighted in the Windows client. Now I can't edit or delete those two notes and they won't sync back to the shared notebook either. My colleague has the source notebook that is shared in his account.


A few comments:


1.  I didn't upgrade to Premium until after this had happened.

2.  I tried removing using the web-based app. Since the notes won't sync back, they are not there to delete.


Any help?



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Hi Mark and welcome to the forum,


Only the original owner can delete the Notes permanently. However I don't think that is your problem.


Are you able to make changes to the Notes?


If not then you have a problem similar to a few that I have experienced.


The only way I found round it was to create a new Notebook with a similar name. Move or copy the Notes into it then delete the original Notes. 


However, the best way I have found of doing this is on a Mac computer. Don't know why, but it just worked. You can try on the web as that sometimes worked.


Note very scientific, but it did work!


Best regards




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