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Using evernote, I keep loosing data!

Please tell me how to fix this.


I get the impression from similar complaints on this forum, that this is a 'known problem'.

Since 'keeping data'  is the purpose of evernote... If this is a bug, you ave a serious problem.

So, please tell me how to fix this.

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Hi and welcome to the forums !


What OS are you on?

Tell us more about your problem.

Your description is too general. What exactly are you doing and what is happening?

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I am on W7 ultimate 64 bits, with all the updates.


I use evernote to store html and css codesnippets, all created in ascii-editor, average length less than 50 lines / note.


I frequently loose entries, without any appearant cause or reason, nor is there an error-message; Notes that I've stored some time ago, and used on occasion, can no longer be found.

I consider this to be MOST frustrating ad a bad feature for a program that's all about storing and accessing info.


Since this happened three times sofar, it becomes difficult to trust this software with my info.

How can I fix this?

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