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So, I've been using for Evernote for quite a while though but I keep coming up against the same problem that is effecting my workflow. It has left me looking for alternative solutions for all my note taking, but I really like Evernote so I thought I'd put it out there and see if it's something I'm doing, or if it's a bug that's being fixed or...whatever.


So, some of my notes have multiple tables and I need to be able to search the note and for it to be able to find all instances of a word or phrase within any of the tables inside that note. As it stands this works very erratically. Sometimes it will come back with '0' found when I know there are multiple instances. Sometimes it will come back with less results than actually exist (even within the same table). Sometimes it will only find the words if I scroll down and already have them on screen (kind of pointless).


Just wondering...anyone else have this problem? Is there a fix? Is it a bug? Any help would be appreciated!

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Yup. Try and search within a note that has multiple tables. Which always reliably never works. That's as reliable as I can get, the actual extent of it's fail is unreliable, but it has never come back to me having found everything...I can tell it's trying really really hard though. :P

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