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(Archived) Email Issues

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Hi ... I'm new to Evernote. Have my account set up and happily making notebooks. I sent several emails to my evernote email addy a few days ago, but didn't check to see if they arrived. I assumed they did as I set it up to go into my "Inbox" notebook. I sent several more yesterday and then again today. 


Now I see that the emails I sent on 5-12 arrived "Untitled." I see nothing in the Notes such as the attachments to those emails, the subject line etc. Just blank.


And there are no emails from the past two days. 


Figured I screwed up. But have checked and rechecked that I am sending them to my correct Evernote assigned email address. I preprended a  #nameofnotebook in the subject line. Sent tests, rechecked, resent and nothing is showing up. 


I am a little frustrated. Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance


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Me again. While waiting ... I checked my preferences and settings. I have default set to Inbox. That's right. And I have it set to sync automatically every 5 mins. I decided to do a manual sync and here come all of my emails from the past 5 days?! Uh, what happened to auto sync? 


I'd like to know about that if anyone has an answer. As for my emails, looks like I have them now.


Guess I answered my own question.

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Hi - welcome to the forums,  and well done for sorting out your own problems :)


Your emails go to the Evernote servers,  so your local copy of Evernote needs to sync with the server to receive its update including the emails.  I'd say 30 minutes is a reasonable interval - if you sync every 5 minutes your computer will spend more time talking to the servers than it will talking to you;  and it looks like too short an interval just jams things up completely anyway.  If you want things to go the other way,  try adding your emails to your local copy of Evernote by copy/ paste or browser / email client clipper if that's an option.  I sometimes print my emails to PDF and drag the file into Evernote.

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