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(Archived) Feature Request: Automatically add tag to notes in notebook

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An often requested feature, and one that I personally would love to have, is the ability to search multiple notebooks at once, or to exclude one or more notebooks from a search.  Since this isn't possible within EN, the standard workaround recommended is to


1) add a tag to the notebooks you want to search (or filter out)

2) search on that tag

3) remove the tag when finished (or regularly manually update it if you want to keep using it)


This works, but is obviously less than ideal.  Ideally my request would be simply to support search and exclusion of multiple notebooks.  If that is possible, please just consider this to be another vote, particularly for the windows client.  However, my understanding is that there are technical reasons in the evernote back-end that make it difficult.  (BitQwik does it, but maybe they automatically perform and combine multiple searches behind the scenes?)


If it is indeed prohibitively difficult, I wonder if we could have an option in notebook properties to automatically add a given tag whenever a note is added to that notebook.  (And in a perfect world, optionally automatically delete that tag if the note leaves that notebook.)  That would give users complete search flexibility, with (what appears from a naive outside perspective to be) a not-too-extreme addition to the software.


Regardless, the fantastic tool is much appreciated.

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