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  1. Disabling CFG appears to have dramatically sped up my Evernote as well. Unfortunately, it appears it's all or nothing—you can only disable it for the whole system. Evernote: can you fix the interaction with CFG so it doesn't dramatically slow down things like copying notes between notebooks?
  2. Yep, which is what I've been doing; the only problem with that is that you don't get a link back to the email, so you need to search for it back in gmail. Not the end of the world, but I save a lot of emails as part of my workflow, so I'd love to avoid it.
  3. Title says it all. I was excited to see that the web clipper now supports gmail, but unfortunately it appears that it doesn't work with gmail's preview pane feature enabled, which I can't live without. Any chance you could fix that?
  4. Just a +1 here that it's really irritating having extra spaces inserted for no reason whenever pasting text.
  5. Aha! Just figured it out. I just noticed there's a tiny down arrow beside the magnifying glass icon at the left of the search box. Click the icon and you have the option to switch between 'Search all notes' and 'Search current context'. It looks like it remembers your preference when you quit and restart as well. I guess the default is 'Seach all notes' (perhaps that changed at some point), so when I reinstalled after installing Windows 10 it got reset. So, not the best UI IMO, but basically problem solved!
  6. Good idea, done. Also, I just noticed that this isn't happening on my wife's computer, which is still running Windows 7. I'm on Windows 10, so I'm guessing that's the difference. Definitely makes it look like a bug, so hopefully it will indeed be fixed.
  7. Unless I'm misunderstanding you, all of your proposed workarounds take something like 3-5 clicks in various places for something that took just one previously. (Not to mention something that I do all the time...) If this is an intentional design change, I can't see how it makes sense. There was already a keyboard shortcut (F6) to search all notes. Or, it was a single click away by dismissing whatever context was currently in the search box. Now the context button there showing the current notebook is meaningless, since it disappears as soon as you try to use the control. There are plenty of other places that show the current notebook, so it doesn't make sense that it's just there for informational purposes. So, hopefully it's a bug that will be fixed. Or if it's intentional, a developer reads this and reconsiders. Being able to search within the current view is pretty crucial behavior.
  8. As the title says, instead of opening in the background, the Clipper opens as a foreground application with a full (although nameless) taskbar entry. It should open in the background instead (perhaps with an entry in the system tray, but not the main taskbar).
  9. When viewing a notebook (or stack), the search bar at the top-right of the main evernote window begins with a small button with the name of that notebook. (It has a light blue background, and if you mouse over it an 'x' appears to remove it.) It used to be, if you click in the search box and enter a search with that button present, it would search within the current notebook. (If you instead wanted to search within all notebooks, you could use the 'x' to remove the current context, click 'Notebooks' or 'Notes' in the left pane, or just hit F6.) Now though (I'm on 5.9.1, but this may have started earlier), the searching within a single notebook doesn't work. As soon as I start typing my search, the context 'button' disappears, and the search is done across all notebooks. The only way I can search within a single notebook is to explicitly type notebook:"notebook name" as part of the search, which is obviously much less convenient. Hoping this is just a bug and can be fixed! Thanks.
  10. I know this has been suggested before, but it's been years. I may be missing something, but from my limited perspective this seems like a pretty straightforward change that shouldn't have any negative consequences in terms of UI. There are already a ton of optional columns that aren't shown by default. Adding this one would be extremely helpful for some people (who like to use list view), but wouldn't affect others at all. It also wouldn't require any changes on the front-end, and since the variable is already stored, presumably not much of a change on the back-end either to display and sort by it. Thanks for considering!
  11. Yep, looks like that was it. Thanks for your help.
  12. My web clipper recently updated to version 6, and I can't seem to figure out how to choose the notebook and tags for a clip. It used to be that the dialog would allow you to select both, but now the only options relate to the format of the clip, not where to put it. If I click on the Options button at the bottom of the dialog, I can set the default notebook and tags for all clips, but I don't see anywhere to set them for the particular clip being taken. Was this ability removed? If so, why? If not, could you help me find it? Thanks. Edit: additional info. I tried turning off 'smart filing' in the options dialog, but there is no change. (And with the old web clipper, I had smart filing on, and it helpfully preset tags, but I still had the ability to change them.) Also, I notice I can't select the "Always start in" option for Notebook. Both the radio button and select box are non-functional.
  13. Just wanted to throw in, in support of this. I know that enter moves to the body, but I've still pressed tab and ended up on a new note approximately eleventy billion times, because the muscle memory is so strong. I would recommend having tab move to the body - as most people would expect due to consistency with every other program - and instead using ESC to get focus back on the note list (and from there use arrows to move to the next note if desired). The Enter function should probably be kept as-is, or you'd have the same muscle-memory problem in reverse. And of course, the mouse would continue to work for both tasks, as now. This would be much more intuitive for keyboard users though IMO.
  14. What changed in your system? Evernote update?Windows update?New apps installed?Have you done the standard first response to new issues: restart your PC ? What are your EN and Windows versions? Ahhh yes restarting would be a rather obvious thing to try, wouldn't it? That solved it. There was an EN update that hit approximately when this started, so I assume that's related, but who knows. (Now on on Win 7 x64.)
  15. For the past few days, the F2 shortcut has not been functioning in Evernote for windows. F3 still focuses tags, but F2 does nothing.
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