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  1. Agree with the Wombat. The only reason I was comfortable consigning so much critical data to Evernote when I first started using it years ago was because it was all stored locally, so I could keep my own incremental backups, and could extract my data if the company ever lost it or simply failed. I would really prefer not to have to switch, because I've become quite accustomed to Evernote—it would be a significant undertaking to learn a new interface, and I'm sure I'd miss features, like the capability of the web clipper. That said, given how buggy Evernote is, there's no way I'll trust it with the only copy of my data. So I guess if/when they do discontinue legacy support, I will have to go elsewhere.
  2. I've had a support request open with Evernote for over a month on this. They've confirmed the problem, but haven't yet fixed it.
  3. Turning the setting off and back on did nothing, so I guess reminder emails just don't work anymore? Surely this isn't the case for everyone or I would see more complaints.
  4. My account is set to receive daily reminder emails. I just double-checked the setting. And yet the most recent one I have received was a week ago on March 1, despite having reminders due on multiple days since then. The most critical feature of a reminders app is to SEND THE REMINDERS. I will try turning the emails off and back on, see if that gets it working again. I sure am getting sick of Evernote consistently failing at the most important things a note taking/reminders app should do. Releasing these new, incredibly slow, feature-poor versions is another example.
  5. I tried side-loading the old APK, but it just hung when I tried to log in, so I'm not sure whether it's still possible.
  6. I mean, just look at the pages of recent reviews in the Play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.evernote&hl=en&gl=US&showAllReviews=true Historical average 4+ stars; since v10 release, the median review is one star.
  7. The new v10 Android app is indeed painfully slow. Just trying to open the shortcuts menu in the sidebar regularly takes 7-8 seconds. That's ridiculous, and I'm not sure it'll ever really improve, since they've done away with local data. In the old app shortcuts where just there, because they were stored locally. Having to fetch the list from the server each time isn't a good approach. Likewise with the old app I could select several notes in one notebook and move them all to another. That was part of my daily GTD workflow. Now there's no way to select more than one note at a time, it takes extra clicks to move them, and they don't even move instantaneously, again I assume because everything is an API request and callback. It's great and all that now evernote developers only have to work on one app with wrappers for each platform, but what's the point if that one app is fundamentally broken? It is indescribably frustrating to get hit with 'updates' that make the user experience worse in every way, in the name of making things easier for developers.
  8. What a disappointment this update is. The recent update to the Android app is similarly painful. Somehow Evernote doesn't realize that speed isn't just an incremental difference in a note taking app. If everything is sluggish, it becomes just unusable as the sort of 'brain extension' many of us have become accustomed to. I fear that having spent the time developing this whole rewrite, sunk cost fallacy will cause them to sick with it, rather than realizing that local data and native apps were a critical aspect of their success, and that's where the focus needs to be. Yes, obviously, it's more efficient if you can have a single app with thin wrappers for each platform. But if that causes the performance to be garbage it's penny wise, pound foolish. I rely so much on evernote, I've really resisted looking for alternatives. But I feel like they're leaving me no choice.
  9. Not only do we need the top list view back, maybe they could finally incorporate reminders into that view, so we wouldn't have to constantly toggle the view to see the reminders list...
  10. Thanks, and sorry for the duplicate. My preferred view is actually the Top List view actually—I always have to toggle to the Snippet view just to see reminders. So since it only happens in snippet view, I guess I'll just toggle to card view for that purpose instead! Thanks again.
  11. It appears this may be intentional, but it's a real drag on my workflow so hoping it's an oversight, or could be re-thought. As of the latest update, when clicking a reminder in the windows desktop client, the list automatically scrolls to that note. (Whereas before it would open the note in the note view pane, but would leave the list scroll alone, at the reminders.) Since I'm normally trying to go through several reminders at once, it's super annoying having the list jump down to some random location (based on when the note with the reminder I've clicked happened to be updated) rather than stay with the reminders section. And I'm not sure what the benefit is, since you can do any dragging or other operations on the note from the reminder itself.
  12. Disabling CFG appears to have dramatically sped up my Evernote as well. Unfortunately, it appears it's all or nothing—you can only disable it for the whole system. Evernote: can you fix the interaction with CFG so it doesn't dramatically slow down things like copying notes between notebooks?
  13. Yep, which is what I've been doing; the only problem with that is that you don't get a link back to the email, so you need to search for it back in gmail. Not the end of the world, but I save a lot of emails as part of my workflow, so I'd love to avoid it.
  14. Title says it all. I was excited to see that the web clipper now supports gmail, but unfortunately it appears that it doesn't work with gmail's preview pane feature enabled, which I can't live without. Any chance you could fix that?
  15. Yep, looks like that was it. Thanks for your help.
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