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(Archived) Shortcut not showing in home screen


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I create a shortcut in version 5.0.4 , then select menu> add to home screen. It asks me to enter the shortcut title., then says the shortcut has been created and added to the homescreen. But,there is no shortcut created. There is nothing on the home screen. Any ideas? I'm using a Galaxy S3

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Are you by any chance using a replacement launcher, like Nova? I m using Nova on both my Xperia handset and my Samsung tablet. In both cases the shortcuts to saved searches are not there. But when I switch to the original launcher, like the TouchWiz, the shortcuts are there.

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I'm experiencing the same problem as well on my Galaxy Note II.  When I save a query shortcut to my home screen, the shortcut is saved to a home screen of the original TouchWiz launcher but not to a home screen of Nova, my active default launcher.  I haven't been able to figure out a way to transfer the shortcut from TouchWiz to Nova without doing a full import from TouchWiz, which would mess up all of my other home screen items.  Does anyone know if this is an Evernote issue or a Nova one?

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I believe it is a Nova issue. In addition to having this problem with Evernote, I have had the same problem with other apps (which also allow the creation of Shortcuts from within the main app) such as TouchPal Contacts.

My problems began with the last update to Nova when they added the "New Apps" option to control the creation of new app shortcuts on the Home screen. I suspect they broke something.

I also installed the newest beta version of Nova, hoping it was fixed, but the problem is still there with version 2.1.1 beta 1

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Hey all,
I've found a workaround. Hopefully you guys haven't moved to Touchwiz/stock launcher yet.

When using Nova, on the home screen, press and hold on empty space. Hit "Shortcuts", then "Evernote Note Shortcut". For creating a shortcut to a single note, all you have to do is press the note you want in the list and you're done. For a shortcut to a notebook, do as above, but use the search button at the bottom (i.e. "notebook:!inbox", or whatever other searches you've created). Then, when the results come up, just create the shortcut as you normally would: press the menu button on the bottom right, hit "Add to Home Screen" (and rename it if you want) and hit save. You have to use the search button unfortunately, even for just creating shortcuts to notebooks. It's pretty inconvenient, but hopefully most of us won't be making multiple shortcuts several times a day. Finally, I can have a shortcut to my inbox and my actions notebook!

Hope this helped, and hopefully Nova (or Evernote) fixes this problem. Nova >>> Touchwiz, any day. 

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Thanks Sunny!


This unfortunately doesn't work for joined notebooks (at least I couldn't get it to work) but it did work for local notebooks as you described.  However, as I was "playing" with this again, I tried to once again create the notebook shortcut directly from the EN app and ... it worked!  Gave me the same "no room on page for shortcut" message, but it created the shortcut regardless.  I don't know if I just got lucky this time of if it has been fixed.  This is the only joined notebook I use and I don't want to delete my long lost shortcut to see if it will work again.  :-)

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