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  1. Sorry to revive a fairly old topic, but this is still a problem for me. Using UltraNav drivers on a Thinkpad X220 running Windows 8 (this was also an issue in Windows 7). The scrolling with the Trackpoint is fairly inaccurate, but is compensated with smaller lines of scrolling. However, with Evernote, too many lines are scrolled, and it's very disorienting. I'm coming back here because at some point in the past month, ctrl+up/down arrow does not work anymore. I've been away for a month and haven't used EN on my computer, so I assume something happened between that time. The original poster posted this a year and a half ago; it's frustrating it's still behaving the same way.
  2. Hey all, I've found a workaround. Hopefully you guys haven't moved to Touchwiz/stock launcher yet. When using Nova, on the home screen, press and hold on empty space. Hit "Shortcuts", then "Evernote Note Shortcut". For creating a shortcut to a single note, all you have to do is press the note you want in the list and you're done. For a shortcut to a notebook, do as above, but use the search button at the bottom (i.e. "notebook:!inbox", or whatever other searches you've created). Then, when the results come up, just create the shortcut as you normally would: press the menu button on the bottom right, hit "Add to Home Screen" (and rename it if you want) and hit save. You have to use the search button unfortunately, even for just creating shortcuts to notebooks. It's pretty inconvenient, but hopefully most of us won't be making multiple shortcuts several times a day. Finally, I can have a shortcut to my inbox and my actions notebook! Hope this helped, and hopefully Nova (or Evernote) fixes this problem. Nova >>> Touchwiz, any day.
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