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Bulleted list behavior

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Hi guys,

In your main editing window, I find the bullet behavior to be quite strange.  Can you please make the bullets behave more like Microsoft Word?  Your indentation behavior is unpredictable...it's really hard to edit a list that has already been created (e.g. insert a bullet at a different indent or change indent).


Additionally, consider a shortcut like ALT+SHIFT+ARROW to increase indent, decrease indent, or move items up and down the list.


Happy to talk more about this if you want to follow up.




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Are you talking about an Evernote client, or the forums here (you posted in the Forum forum). If an Evernote client, which one (WIndows, Mac, Android, iOS)? In the Windows client, you can increase indent using Ctrl+M, decrease it using Ctrl+Shift+M.

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I would like to second this.  The bulleted list behavior in the Evernote Windows client is terrible.  If you create a bulleted list and then want to come back and change the indentation later, about 50% of the time list formatting will break horribly.  Either the bullets will disappear, or you can't indent all the way back over to the left, or half of your content will just disappear.  This does not seem like a difficult technical problem, but it has existed in Evernote since I started using it years ago.  The problem is magnified multiple times over if you try to copy a section of a bulleted list and paste it into a portion of the same list lower down in the same note.  All formatting rules go out the window and the Windows Evernote client seems to just do whatever it wants.  Please make bulleted lists behave more like MS Word.



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