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(Archived) Saving Evernote stuff somewhere else..?





Im using OSX Lion and Evernote Premium version  5.0.7.


I'd like to save to another location my notes that are synced to my computer. I have read that they can be found in /user/library/application support. Not on my machine.


I also read that if you download the OSX app from Evernote then the directory abpve gets created, if you donwload it form the app store, as I did then...???


Does anyone know where the synced notes are stored so the I can save them as a back up.




Del Jones

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It ends up in ~/Library/Application Support/Evernote/Accounts/Evernote/[your account name]/ in a rather confusing and borderline-useless array of files and data. If you back up this folder, you'll be able to restore, albeit somewhat painfully. (I speak from experience.)


If you want a more useful backup, you can export individual notebooks as "enex" files, which may be more useful for restores. I actually put together a little script that does exactly that -- creates an enex file for each of your Evernote notebooks.



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