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(Archived) Sharing Notes Accross Users

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Great product. I wonder if it is possible to share notes, infact notebooks between users in a closed community using the native client for mac / windows / iphone?

It could be an enterprise option however I would like to have some shared notebooks that I fill with tech support information and each field technician can use their iPhone to read them.

I would still have private notebooks and the field guys could have the same.

I know we can share via Internet web pages and maybe RSS but I need native Evernote sharing if possible.



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As this is my fisrt post, thanks for a great product. I am soon to become a premium member. I've been using Evernote since the start and loving it. Keep my iPhone, MacBook, Mac at home and Work PC all in sync.

Evernote is used when I have problems with a company and I log all calls times and what was discussed. By doing this I save $900 from a company that wanted to over charge me.

Yes, I am too keen on seeing this feature.

I just have to share weekly reports to my manager and I do all my notes in Evernote. It's all there to be able to just share it will be great.

As I am working in Information Security the whole idea of a public notebook does not sit well with the way we work :D.

I will keep a lookout for this feature

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