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(Archived) Can Tags be added after clipping?

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I'm a total newbie, and I'm having trouble with Tags.  I set up a few, then imported an article, but my tags did not get attached to it (or at least I can't find them!).


I'm not finding a way to attach tags to an article after it has been entered in my Evernote.  Advice, please?

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Uh-oh.  Newbie ignorant of term 'client'.  I'm thinking you're asking for things like 'I'm using Chrome on Ubuntu', but maybe you mean me to tell you that I'm using the unpaid EverNote, not Business of Premium.


I agree that tags "should be easily added"; hence my befuddlement when I didn't find a simple, intuitive way or any specific instructions.

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Using Chrome would be the web client (as opposed to Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc.)

On the web client, you can just drag a tag onto the note in the note list, or you can edit the note, make sure that note details are shown (if you don't see the note's tags above the note editing controls, look for the link that says "Show Details" and click it).

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Thanks, that helped!  Here's what worked:


1. In article in right sidebar, click Edit

2. In Edit mode, 'Add Tags' entry space will appear at top

3. Drag Tags from left sidebar to 'Add Tags' entry space

4.  Click 'Done' at top of Edit Mode (this is with 'AutoSave on')


To check, open Edit Mode again -- Tags are lined up nicely at top.


(I have to write clear procedures for myself, so I did that here -- and I'll clip this to my 'Learning' notebook.)


Thank you!

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