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(Archived) Saving Handwritten Notes for Future Searches

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I'm very new at Evernote and would like some direction on how to best incorporate my handwritten notes (on regular college ruled notebook paper) into Evernote and THEN be able to search all those notes/files at the same time for keywords or phrases.


Any thoughts?    Thanks!!



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You can scan them into Evernote or take pictures of them using a cell phone or tablet with the Evernote app loaded on it. The handwriting will be searchable, though it does take a bit of time for them to be indexed. If you have an iPad, you can even take notes using a stylus and a compatible note taking app, including Evernote's own Penultimate.

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If you are scanning your handwritten notes, make sure you save them as JPEG files and attach them to a note in Evernote.  JPEG is what Evernote will try and recognize the text and give you the best shot at what you are trying to do.  Probably have better luck with print over script. 


If you have several pages that you want to keep together in one note in Evernote, scan them or send from your camera phone in reverse order.  They'll show up in the correct order then in Evernote and then you can merge them together into one note. 

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