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(Archived) LittleSnapper > Evernote?

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I love evernote. the ocr, the syncning.. it's great. however i just found out of LittleSnapper (mac only), which I've falling in love with for a few reasons:

Thumbnails: In evernote, it will display the note that is attached to a screenshot, even if it has no text in the note. Littlesnapper is more for screen shot grabs and doesn't have additional notes. ALl you seen then is the thumbnails


Web Screenshots: the 'clips to evernote' seems fine for small notes, but if u want to do the whole site, it's saves the site without the CSS. Pretty useless as a web designer. I assume this is for speed that this is not done.

What i have been doing lately is taking shot of the site with Paparazzi! http://derailer.org/paparazzi/ and then take them into Skitch for marking up. Skitch also saves the 'raw' files so i can edit them later. From Skitch i goto into Evernote to organize the notes.

Sorry that is more seems mac related but i feel some of these ideas would be applied for evernote as a whole.

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Here's my current workflow for website screenshots:

* i have littlesnapper running as a menubar app (no dock)

(1) screencap the whole site using keyboard shortcut

(2) go into littlesnapper and export out as unpaginated PDF to desktop

(3) import into Evernote

If you have SafariStand installed and you use Safari, you could make this a 2 step process instead by right-click on the webpage and "save as PDF" to desktop, then import into evernote. That way you skip the export step by using an intermediate app.

More info was presented in this thread, regarding how bad the webclipper is on the Mac: viewtopic.php?f=38&t=8741

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Well, I use firefox as my main browser, so i still would need to open another app. I like taking into skitch to make it up. I knwo you can do that with acrobat and preview, but are they later editable? I also just drag and drop the image from on app into the next, which are place right next to each other on my dock.

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