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  1. I would agree with the fact that evernote needs more options then just RichText(?) format. I have been using John Gruber's Markdown lately and have been becoming more of plain text nerd. Since getting true Markdown syntax highlight/etc would be unlikely for you to support, I'd at least like the option of writing in plain text. I have an ipod touch, so features like the camera and voice notes do nothing for me. Evernote just takes too long load for simple notes. I was using the Notes app the it comes with. I then heard of simplenote. It's a plain text note taking app that just sync to the simplenote servers. Loading is very fast and would be faster if i had a premium account (which I'm considering) and didn't need to load the ad. Would it be possible to maybe have a plug in/syntax highlight/etc systemfor people who want there own choice of markup?
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