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(Archived) Evernote Android 4x


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i am using a Android Tablet with version 4.0.1 of Android.

The Evernote App is up to date.


When i like to modify a Tabel in a note, the message will displayed:


"this note contains invalid code" 


an i am not able to make some modifications in the Tabel.



somebody has an idea?


thank you


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Hi - welcome to the forums.


Evernote's editor is pretty basic in all versions of the client - partly because it's not meant to be a WYSIWYG page editor,  and partly because of technical limitations in the OS it's running on.  There's no workarounds for that problem directly,  but you could try attaching a file to your note that you can open from your Android,  that will allow you to edit tables.  Or you could try for a layout that doesn't use tables - though tabs aren't much better...

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