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(Archived) Firefox Evernote Clipper keeps making me sign in

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I have read the previous threads on this topic.


I have allowed third-party cookies for evernote.com.


I have uninstalled the extension, closed my browser, restarted my computer, re-installed the extension.


I have had to sign in FIVE TIMES in the last ~8 hours.


This is seriously making me rethink my decision to use Evernote. And certainly doesn't encourage me to go Premium.

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Hi - welcome to the forums.  Sorry to see you're having problems.  Don't know how many others of the current 50M+ Evernote users use Firefox (I'd assume it's a reasonably large number) but I certainly do.  I do have to sign in occasionally,  but not multiple times per day.  So I think we can assume this is a problem local to you rather than being an Evernote issue.  Nonetheless I'd suggest raising a support ticket (see below) to see what the white coats have to say - and it's worth doing the whole uninstall / restart / re-download / reinstall business again.  Plus clearing caches,  deleting temporary files and emptying the trash.  Because somewhere in there is a step that will fix things for you...

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