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(Archived) Undo move to notebook?


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I accidentally consolidated all of my notes from about 20 notebooks into a single notebook (it turns out ctrl+A is extremely dangerous if you're in the wrong notebook).  I tried to hit "undo," but it did not have any effect.  I have over 1100 notes, so manually resorting would be incredibly time consuming.  Is there any way to restore?  I did a search of the forum, but I wasn't able to find a thread where this was addressed.  Help!





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No easy way to do this that I know of. I suppose you could try to quickly make sure that the changed notes will not be synced to the Evernote servers (maybe by unplugging your network, and then shutting down Evernote), and go to the web client (after re-enabling the  network, duh :)) and tagging the notes in each notebook that you want to preserve specially (like with that notebook's name), and then go back into Evernote for Windows, and do a grand sync and see what you get (do remember to back up your Windows Evernote database first, just in case). If this seems to be a fraught procedure, it is; I wouldn't bet on it working, and I'd be darned careful about what I was doing.


Failing that, 1100 notes is a fair amount, but maybe if you can start to isolate big chunks of notes via filtering (tag, text of title, probably), you can get most of it roughed into shape pretty quickly, then picking away at the rest might not be so bad.

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Thanks.  I was too slow preventing the sync, so I ended up trying to re-sort by using searches and filtering by tag and date to separate my notes into groups.  This worked pretty well, and it took a lot less time than I thought.  I doubt my manual re-sort is perfect, but it will be good enough for now.


This seems like a MAJOR missing feature in Evernote.  Undo should work for everything (inserted or deleted content, moved or deleted notes, etc.).  

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