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Penultimate data lost


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I have one very strange (at least to me) problem. When I tab notebook coverpage open I can see that there are notes. When I tab second time to open that notebook pages are empty? After that I tab contentpage icon (one on right upper corner) content page opens and I can see previews of my notes. Choosing one of the pages shows me once more empty page? This happens on my latest notebooks so some books are just fine.


Can this be related to backup restore? What I did was I took backup to my pc and return it. Did I made something wrong (I believe so) and better yet do I have any possibility to restore my notes?

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yes I'm having the same problem.  I've got 30 notebooks in Penultimate but when I go to open them, they are empty.  They are not synced to Evernote servers but somehow I can see the names of the notebooks and number of pages. but I can't open them.  I believe they are still in my iTunes backup somewhere but not properly referenced maybe?


Can someone from Evernote please advise?

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Lost all my notebooks on Penultimate today. 1 year of lecture notes...

I had set the iPad aside for a few minutes, then all the notebooks were gone! 

I checked in Evernote over the web-browser, most of them still seem to be on evernote, except for one from last year. 

How do I get them back onto Penultimate on my iPad???

Thank you to anyone who can help!


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Hi Notitizen

This might sound odd, but check trash in evernote. My whole notebook had ended up there from a sync. I'm sure everyone else would have checked there first, and in your case your notebooks might not even be in trash, but I thought it worth mentioning. Then pop the notebooks back into the penultimate folder in evernote.

Worked for me to return the notebook to penultimate.

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Mine just disappeared. All notes from May to recent are gone. What is left are the older ones. What's the solution to get it back? I think It's when i sync when data is lost. This happened 2x to me already, but the 1st time i gave it a day and all were back since sync was just not complete. Now it's been more than a day and sync is complete, but data is still lost

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I have the same problem and it seems noone here seems to give a ***** about it.


I was writing on 2 notes / notepads (On Evernote for Mac its a Note / on Penultimate its a notepad (why???)) switching between them regularly while inspecting them on my Mac.


Unfortunately Penultimate is lagging like hell on my iPad 4 (!) (I guess during synchronisation), so I turned off Wifi hoping the lagging would stop.

After realizing that Penultimate is just a poorly written piece of software, I turned Wifi back on to get back to my notes on the Mac.


After a couple minutes I switched back to my second note/notepad and all my recently written pages were gone. Thats totally unacceptable. There's ONE feature I need from a note taking app and thats NOT to loose my notes.


Great job Evernote!


What's the solution? Get premium to access the history? I fear that even that, I won't have access to my lost data. But I'll try and eventually charge back in case I can't access my data.

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It just happened to me today.  I could see a single page in the thumbnails but when I went to the individual page, it was blank.  This has happened several times with other notebooks.  I just lost some very important job meeting notes.


It doesn't seem like their is a fix for this????  If not, I'll start using another program.

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I read now this post but one year ago I lost all my data too. 

More than two years writing and everything is gone.

Now, I got premium evernote and try came back to penultimate again but Im very afraid.

Today ,Just try to rotate some notes from penultimate into evernote and happens again , the notes are empty now.

Evernote would have to resolve these big bugs already now


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I have recently changed to a new iPad and no longer have access to my old iPad. I had made important meeting notes in penultimate on my old iPad but they are not syncing  when I log into penultimate on any of my devices. I can see the note name but when I click on it I can only see back squares where the pages should be. 

How can I access this important note?

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