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  1. Hi. Welcome to the forums. I am not sure it is possible to restore the data from any app you delete from your iPad unless it saves to the cloud somewhere, or you have a backup on your computer. Because the first option is not possible, you may want to go into your computer and try to restore your iPad from a backup. This is one of those situations in which backups, Time Machine backups, and other redundancies come in handy. I have tried to restore from the previous backup. I can see the notebooks with the number of pages. but when I open them, they are empty.
  2. yes I'm having the same problem. I've got 30 notebooks in Penultimate but when I go to open them, they are empty. They are not synced to Evernote servers but somehow I can see the names of the notebooks and number of pages. but I can't open them. I believe they are still in my iTunes backup somewhere but not properly referenced maybe? Can someone from Evernote please advise?
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