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(Archived) Bug: copy/pasting colored text doesn't retain the color





I have Evernote for Mac version 5.0.7 (400993) and I noticed that when I copy colored text and try to paste it somewhere else (within the same note or into another note), the color gets lost.


Just to be clear, this is the text before I copy it:


"some random text"


and this is the same text after I paste it:


"some random text"

It's a rather annoying bug, would be great if you could fix it. Thanks!
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Hi pdavide,


Interesting. I'm not able to reproduce this error. Copy and pasting colored text from one note to another works fine for me.


Are you able to reproduce this error multiple times? Can you provide more specific steps on how exactly to reproduce this? That would be helpful for us to get to the root of your bug.

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I want to chime in on this, because I'm having a similar issue. My problem relates to copying contents from a word document that has been formatted using various levels of headings and colors.


I'm trying to paste the contents of the word document into evernote, but much of my formatting is being stripped and I can't figure out why. 


Here is an example document of mine: https://www.dropbox.com/s/se77vnpy7mpvrpu/Lecture%202%20%E2%80%93%20Venous%20Thromboembolism.docx

(Apologies for the link, the forums don't allow for the attachment of .docx files)

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