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(Archived) Guest accounts not able to add tags to shared notebooks

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Hi, I just upgraded my account to premium, so that I could share my notebook and allow my teammates to add/edit notes in the notebook. However, I found it so inconvenient that guest accounts of the shared notebook are not allowed to add new tags to the notes. Just wondering if there is a way to work around this, the whole point for me to use evernote and upgrading it to premium account is to utilize the tag system and let everyone to edit the shared notes. 


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With Evernote Premium, only the owner of the account can create new tags in shared notebooks - this is to prevent your account from becoming cluttered with tags you didn't create/approve. You will need to have a note in each shared notebook that has "approved" tags for your guests to tag "with" and they'll be able to add them to notes.


With Evernote Business, anyone in the Business can create *new* tags in the shared notebooks within the Business Library.

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