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(Archived) REQUEST: Index note titles and URLs

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The subject says it all. It appears that Evernote isn't indexing the title or URL of notes.

With manual notes, an important word may appear only in the title. Also, a company name or some other keyword may only appear in the URL of a note. I would strongly suggest indexing these fields and making them searchable. I think this should be the default behavior, but at the very least, it should be an option.


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The title is indexed, so you should be able to search for words in the title of the notes. I think that we don't highlight words in the title when you search, however, for technical reason.

The source URL is also indexed, but not as separate words. You can, however, specifically search for:


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Yeah, this is driving me nuts. I really want the SourceURL to be indexed (and all hyperlinks). I sometimes remember the website I clipped information from, but have no idea of the actual text. Yes, I know I can use the SourceURL search, but that doesn't work that well. If I search for sourceURL:http://100buckschallenge.com* it'll find everything from that site, but I also have to search for sourceURL:http://www.100buckschallenge.com* (note the www) .. and what if I only remember part of the domain name? I would love to have an option to search the sourceurl just like any part of the note which I think is really important, and kind of the whole point of Evernote ... to find anything you've captured.



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