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(Archived) (Archived) Text Formatting problem with Awesome Note

Mark Tebb

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I have a number of notes in the Awesome Note app on my ipad. I have these synced with my Evernote account. However when I open these notes in Evernote everything is there including photos etc but the text is a number of very long lines rather than stopping at the margins it just carries on. I basically have to scroll horizontally to read the text rather than vertically. Any help on sorting this would be much appreciated!!



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I don't think, it's an Awesome Note issue. If you type very long text lines into Evernote there is also a default line break feature.

So why not, when showing Awesome Note notes?

BTW, when you open an Awesome Note note in Evernote in Edit mode, the text appears with line breaks while editing. But this won't be kept in Show mode.

Please look into this issue and try to fix it - maybe together with the programmers of Awesome Note.

Thank you!


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Hi there. Yes you are right! I checked and when I open up my awesome notes in the edit format everything is fine with the line breaks as they should be. But when I close the edit and simply read it in the display view there are no line breaks. I will contact Evernote to look into this. Maybe you can too?

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