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(Archived) Annoying UpArrow moves inconsistently and Style copying



Evernote has two annoying features that drive me crazy as editing Evernote notes is almost as difficult as using Mail Note:


1. When editing a note, the UpArrow key will sometimes move to the beginning of the previous line although I was in the beginning of the line.  May be it just LOOKed like I would be in the beginning of the line before pressing the key.  This might be due to some invisible formatting in the lines.  Thus, Evernote does not ALWAYS behave consistently by keeping the corresponding position. Because of this, I need to use trackpad to point where I intended to go after moving to the previous line.  Even this post is easier to write as the arrows work as they should.


2. Anotherher annoying feature is that when bringing text from my Thunderbird, Evernote copies the formatting style from the email message.  Can I switch off the style copying permanently?




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