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(Archived) Tags not synchronising on one Pc - best way to fix?


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Just after suggestions for the best way to fix the tag sync.


On this one Windows 7 PC, running the EN client, I created a local notebook, and created a new tag, and assigned it to items in both the online notebook and the local notebook.

Since then, this particular PC has become an "island" for Tag Sync.


All the notes themselves still sync fine - except that this one PC does not receive tags from the web, nor give any tag updates to the web.


I'm assuming the only way to fix this is to delete, uninstall, reinstall yadda yadda - while managing the issue of the local notebook. Is there a better way?



P.S. I do backup the C:\Users\me\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Databases\ folder daily, so no need to cover that angle :-)

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In the end I didn't need to uninstall and reinstall. I just moved the local note into the web notebook and synced and made sure it was up there, and then closed EN, and made sure it was not lurking in the tray. I then hid all the files in the Evernote\Databases folder, and restarted EN. After supplying the password it downloaded everything.


I recreated the local notebook, and created a new local note, and copied the contents. I deliberately did not move the note from web to local, just to be sure that the local note got a brand new unique identifier, to avoid any posible confusion. Next I added a tag to the web notes first, and synced again. Only then did I apply the tag to the local note, and all seems to be okay.


I would say I went wrong initially in the sequence of adding local notebook and tag, maybe I added the tag to the local first,  or possibly I moved the note from web to local which may be a problem, I'm not sure. Anyway it all looks fine now.

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