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(Archived) new to all this... confused.

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Ok I'm a fairly new iphone user. I read about the best apps ever and this was one of them, so I got it. I didn't really realize I have to download more stuff to my Mac to use it. So thats my first question. Does it store my notes, pix, voice notes on my phone or does it have to upload them to their server? Can I use this without using my iMac, i.e. just on my iphone?

Why would I want to move my notes to their web server and somehow place them on my desktop. Yeah I get they are handy there but I literally sleep with my iphone (yeah I need a life but thats another subject) so its always handy. Its not like I'm going to be making 20 notes a day, heck I won't even make 20 a month.

I went thru this web site, the help, the faqs, etc. but really I can't find the answer to these questions and/or a general overview.

I guess this is my fear.... I'm a new Mac user..... was pc user since day one (back in the 80's) and what I learned in all those years is every single time I add something to a PC it slows down, runs like *****, and is more likely to get the blue screen of death. I work every day on my Mac and it has to run fast and stable every day or I'm out of a job. So that's the real rub for me. I know Mac's are more stable but I also worry about adding things that I'm not going to use too often. Just looking for some advice I guess.


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When you create a note on the iPhone client, it is transmitted to the Evernote service. Then you can access it from your iPhone, or from a desktop web browser (www.evernote.com) without installing any other software.

If you choose to install our Windows or Mac applications on your own computer, then you can pull down a full copy of all of your notes for use on that Mac/PC. This allows you to do a lot of things quicker than you could through a web browser (e.g. drag-and-drop onto Evernote instead of "upload a file"). It also gives you a full copy which you could access even if you are on an airplane.

But installing a local Mac or PC application is not required at all.

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