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(Archived) use case: finding apps on your iphone

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I have nine screens of apps on the iPhone, and without being able to organize them into folders it's often hard to find the right one.

But Evernote solved the problem: I took a snapshot of each screen by pressing both iPhone's buttons simultaneously, then use the "Saved Photo Note"

command to import these images into Evernote, and now can type the app name in Evernote and see what screen it's on and where.

More generally, the 'screenshot' function of iPhone means that any screen from any app can be saved to Evernote and text-searched later.

Thanks a lot for the great app!


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OT, i know, but, This is the biggest reason i have jailbroken my iphone - UI improvements.

I have my app screens sorted by categories, and a link to each category is on the first screen.

to find whatever i want, i just top the home button, then tap the category. Easy.

Another major UI enhancement that comes with jailbreaking is the 5-icon dock. 5 icons actually fit very well.

All this can be done with items in the Cydia app.

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