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First time ever on a forum! I love evernote and am shocked by its organization potential for my entire life! Recently however the evernote fails to respond to commands for sync various times throughout the day. surprisingly the info is able to sync later that day or the next day and I have not lost any information but the potential is great. Any suggestions?

I use a Dell laptop and have great internet connection as demonstrated with the forum. Has anyone run into this? Solutions?



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Hi - welcome to the forums.  Sync is usually something that happens in the background for me,  so from time to time I only catch a glimpse of a grey window just closing on the message "sync complete..".  When you think that you're competing for bandwidth with 50M others syncing regularly through the day,  the fact it happens at all is reasonably astonishing.  If you're noticing occasional drops in communication,  that could be due to local or national internet traffic,  Evernote peak times or the guy next door downloading Bambi - again.  Unless it drops out for days at a time or is a major issue for some other reason I really wouldn't worry.

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