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(Archived) Feature request

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I know it's been mentioned by others, but I would like to add my name to the list of those wanting the feature:


Please add the ability to tag parts of notes, not just the whole note.  As it stands, I would end up making a lot of seperate notes, so that I can find the specific information that I want.  For many types of information, it is much more efficient to be able to keep everything related in one large note, and then when searching for a tag, having the search result take you directly to the spot in the note where the information is.  Being forced to seperate each taggable bit out into a seperate note makes for a lot of extra time and effort spent, and disjointed information.


As an example, I import an article I'm studying into Evernote, and in it there is a quote I really want to be able to recall.  If the tag applies to the whole note, rather than just the quote, when the article comes up in the tag search, I still have to skim through the article to find the quote I needed.  If the tag could take me directly to the quote, it would be much more effective.


Thanks in advance.


- Leisel

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Hi Leisel and welcome to the forum,


I am not sure if having tagging within a Note is capable of being applied. But you can search within a Note by doing the following, certainly in Windows. Unable to prove on Mac as that is at home in my Study.


Search for the word or "phrase" you are looking for.

When you find the Note in click 'Ctrl and H'

This will bring a new selection screen at the bottom of the Note you are in, it should have the same search criteria already applied. Just click on 'Next' or 'Previous' to find multiple occurrences of the word or phrase.


Hope that helps.


Best regards



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