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(Archived) Accessing all notes created by evernote in last 15 minutes

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I am just curious to know whether there is any feature to access the notes created in last 15 minutes. I want to sync all the notes from my app for every 15 minutes. Is there any API/function available to do this ?

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The search grammar appears to be in conflict with the actual implementations. While -- according to the grammar shown at the bottom of the page -- you should be able to use relative date terms that are granular to "hour", "minute", and "second", these do not seem to work, at least in the Windows client (which doesn't seem to recognize "hour" or "minute" as valid parameters to the "created:" term) or in the web client either (which does recognize "hour" and "minute", but doesn't seem to do the search correctly).


On the other hand, you can use the search term "created:day-1" to find notes that were created in the last day.


On the other, other hand, if you want to use the Evernote API, you should post in the developer's section or head to the developer's site: http://dev.evernote.com/. If you are on the Mac, you may be able to use AppleScript to do what you want.


On the other, other, other hand, your client may already do this for you, for example, the Windows client can auto-sync at various intervals, including every 15 minutes. Tools / Options / Sync...

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