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(Archived) Evernote please add extra Security with yubikey!

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I've suggested this before and now again after the last Attack!

Introduce an extra security layer like yubikey.



Games like, World Of Warcraft, Star Wars, etc. all use Digipass tokens.

It's is important you guys introduce this extra security, for those who want there stuff better protected.




I have this on my lastpass account, it is very easy to use.



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I am even willing to pay an extra to additional security for my data, if necessary - note encryption would be fantastic (I do know, that there is a feature for encrypting a part of a note, but a want it

completely stored encrypted on your servers -> that would be really great!!!! :)


What about 2 factor authentication ?

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I also agree that a Yubi-Key option for Two-Factor Authenication is something worth paying a little extra for. I would pay like $5 on top of the premium fee just to have that. I love Evernote and use it on nearly every device I have, but sometimes it just makes me feel inscure, especially since I started using my Yubikey a few months ago. I wouldn't be surprised if the YubiKey (or some other physical Two Factor Auth. method). Google Authentication is nice, but you can't beat having a physical One Time Password + Your original password. Hell, some sites allow for three factor authentication, which could get annoying, but would make me feel much more secure about writing certain things in my notes. I could write any sensitive information in a text file and tore it offline, but sort of defeats the purpose of Evernote. I really hope the creators consider this/

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