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(Archived) Help! Notes not saving despite update to latest version


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Hey all,


I need some urgent help. All of a sudden my notes have stopped saving and even when I select an older note - it gets deleted (Windows 7)


This is the log when I try to save:


12:12:52 [4712] Commit failed: code=00000302, CANT_UPDATE_ATTRS_TABLE, error: "Can't save uid=2, error: no such rowid: 35, SQL logic error or missing database"
12:12:52 [4712] Can't save HTML note, transaction commit error: CANT_UPDATE_ATTRS_TABLE
I've even updated to the latest version from the official site 4.6.3 but the problem persists.
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Have you logged into the web version to see if the notes are there?


Try creating a new note in the Windows software and carrying out a sync. Does it go to the Web?


If this persists then you need to raise a support ticket.


Best regards



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