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I create a lot of notes that use the same set of tags and trying to do this by memory inevitably leads to accidentally assigning the wrong tags or leaving some tags out. I've grouped my tag list using parent-tag/sub-tags, but this doesn't always fit the actual group of tags I want to assign to a note. I can press Ctrl-Alt-T to mass assign tags but this is even worse because the parent-tag/sub-tag hierarchy gets flattened making the dialog pretty much useless. Also, I don't want to create a new note from a template that already has the tags in place because most of the notes I'm trying to tag are being clipped from the web so tag assignment has to be done after the fact.


What I would like to do is create a "tab template" that allows me to save a group of tags using an alias that will assign those tags to a note or group of notes in one fell swoop... a super-tag if you will :-). The next best thing would be to have an option to select a parent-tag from the tab list and have EN assign that tag and all it's sub-tags to the note. Not quite as elegant as what I really want but it would do.


Thoughts please.




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From one Mark to another, I have to echo your request. An easy way to assign a group of tags would make a massive difference to me in terms of ease of use. I am beginning to use Evernote as a document manager to track receipts, bills, statements, and invoices, and many of the notes end up using the same group of tags, with just one or two minor variations. It is incredibly tedious and error-prone to keep all the tags identical as needed - without a doubt the greatest weakness of the application, at least from my perspective. I would be delighted even to find a functional workaround, but as yet have had no luck. It was in searching for such a thing that I came upon this post.


So if anyone knows of a good way to do this, I'm all ears. And Evernote folks, if you could come up with some sort of functional mass tagging system, I would greatly appreciate it.



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The standard Windows client has a functional mass tagging UI, Assign Tags, accessible via Ctrl+Alt+T. 


The "Modern" Windows client has no such UI, as far as I know.

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