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(Archived) Why displays the sidebar white letters on black background?



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It might be a design idea. But for disabled people it is very bad to read.

Please give the possibility to display black letters on whit background.


Hi. Welcome to the forums. Even for people with strong eyesight (myself) the current design makes it more difficult to read. The accessibility / legibility issue is something I have been raising for quite some time now, and I'll add the sidebar to my list. We'll convince them eventually :)


The most egregious accessibility problem (for human beings) I think you will agree is my bug / suggestion report for the most recent beta. See "【8】 SUGGESTION: BLACK AND WHITE"



I think they are trying to make the interface look more up-to-date, but in doing so (as you can see in the image) they have gone in the wrong direction. At the very least, as you suggest, it would be nice to have an option for black / white text. 

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