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(Archived) Option to not store HTML images locally

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One of the stated purposes of EN is to save copies of web content, along with the original URL, so that it can be re-edited, accessed quickly, and retained even if the original content goes away. But a big drawback to this is the space used, and this is mostly due, not to the basic web HTML, but to stored images and other media. This is particularly an issue, because EN has storage limits, so one always has to be careful about how big an article one clips, how many articles, etc.

A great way to solve this would be an option to NOT copy linked images locally (to client PCs or online EN account), by simply leave the link to the original image in place. This way, the web content will still display correctly in EN, with the drawback that the images may take time to load, or the link may someday break. Even in that case, we still have the important (HTML text) data, so it seems like a useful tradeoff.

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Our goal is to make sure that you can store your memories and then access them at any time in the future. Storing images with your notes means that the note will never "break" in the future, and it will work just the same when your PC/Mac is offline as it does when it is online.

However, we do recommend that when you clip a web page, you just select the portion of the page that you want to keep first, rather than always clipping the entire page. That way, you won't waste space storing a bunch of unnecessary ads and navigational images from the origin web site. If you do this, I think you'll find that you can clip thousands of snippets from web pages without hitting any quota issues.

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