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(Archived) Annoying and Distracting Sync Barber Pole



Quick feedback: Please, PLEASE, PLEASE... remove the progress bar (i.e. the little barber pole) from the lower-left corner on the new Mac UI.  Every time Evernote syncs, the little spinning, horizontal barber pole catches my eye while I am writing in the app.  Because it's located at the bottom of the app, thus being close to the Mac Finder Dock, I always think it's a bouncing Dock icon.


Really, it stops my train of thought when this happens and I'm ready to place a piece of tape over a portion of my monitor to block this.


As a general UI rule, you don't distract users with stuff like animated progress bars unless the operation is modal (e.g. a pop-up dialog) or something is going wrong with the process.  Either remove it completely (since it's not really meaningful during normal operation) or use something more subtle, like a 'disabled' control with a foreground close to the background in color and with a smooth progress bar (not the spinning blue and white barber pole that really indicates that the developer has no idea how long this will take).


Sorry, I'm done ranting now... :-)


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