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productivity Windows 8 Problem

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I am working through problems with my Scansnap 1500 running on an older machine upgraded to Windows 8.  I got tired of waiting so I bought a new Samsung laptop with an Intel I7, a 17" screen and all kinds of ram and a 1T hard drive.  I immediately installed my scanner on it.  It came with Evernote Touch pre-installed, but when I installed the scanner and left click the icon, I do NOT see "Scan to Evernote - Document" or "Scan to Evernote - Note" on the list.  For some reason, I cannot install the regular Evernote for Windows.  I need to know where Evernote Touch is located (it isn't in the usual Program Files or Program Files x86) and what is necessary to add scanning directly into Evernote. 


I was using Evernote and the scanner on the old machine and have several hundred gig of data and a premium account.




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