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Annotate in Skitch on iPad



At work we use all platforms for Evernote except Mac.  I create notes in Evernote and on my Galaxy S3 I can hit the button "Annotate in Skitch" which is great. I cannot do this on my iPhone or iPad. There are two issues I am looking to address- First, I would like to annotate PDFs that I have uploaded to my Evernote account on all of my devices.  I have read this has been possible in the past with the first page, and that the ability to do this will soon be added.  Second, I would like the option to "Annotate in Skitch" on my iPad, not just my Android based tablets.  Have either of these issues been solved?  


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Currently you cannot annotate PDFs in Skitch.


For the iPad you can log into Evernote via Skitch and gain access to any of your Skitch notes through the iPad's library. Currently the Evernote for iPad app does not support an "Annotate in Skitch" function, but we do like this suggestion. 


Logging into Skitch with your Evernote account through will again give you access to any Skitch Note that is already in your account.

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