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(Archived) Sending email to evernote with @ in subject line

Mike Prince

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I use the send email to evernote feature a lot. However I sometimes want to have an @ in the subject line and hence note title (basically for an email address). This conflicts with the notation for indicating which notebook to direct the note to, and hence Evernote leaves the note in default notebook.

For example an email with the subject "this is the subject #tag1 #tag2 @notebook1" correctly creates a note with title "this is the subject" in notebook1 with tags tag1 and tag2.

However "message from person@domain.com #tag1 #tag2 @notebook1" leaves the note in the default notebook and tags only with tag1, leaving the subject as "message from person@domain.com #tag2 @notebook1".

Is there any way to allow an @ or # properly in the subject line?

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This might not help you but I wonder if AutoEver on IOS can help here: If you were to use a string like !AT! in your email and have automation change that in Evernote to @ that would do it.

But, as I say, 1) might not be doable, and 2) you might not have iOS.

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